Tips on Avoiding the Fashion Accessories Police

The fashion accessories police are on the prowl when it comes to the bag and outerwear you choose to go with your gown. Every gal needs a bag, and you may also need a jacket or wrap.

The big danger is getting too bulky with your bag or drowning your gown with your outerwear. Big handbags rock, but not for the prom! Straps on big bags can pull at your gown and the bulk can ruin your silhouette.  Regardless of how gorgeous your gown is its beauty means nothing beneath a ratty or over sized wrap or jacket.

Do go small and sleek but functional. Clutches are the way to go to fully compliment your gorgeous look. Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the bare essentials and make sure you pare down the bare essentials to what you honestly may need.

Opt for outerwear that keeps you warm and offers the protection you need while blending into your ensemble. A cozy wrap may work as can a tailored jacket that follows the silhouette of your dress.

Color and style. The color and style of your bag, wrap or jacket should compliment your gown without overpowering it or distracting from it. Opt for matching hues and the same elegant, vintage or playful style that graces your dress. If your dress is overly wild or embellished, however, stick on the simple side with your accessories.

These tips can help you remember that your gown is taking center stage and your accessories are there to support it, not take away from its glory!

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