Tips for Wearing Bright Colors at Your Formal Affair

Bright colors can be the main feature of your glamorous look, as long as you give them the space they need to really sizzle. More modern gowns look best decked out in splashy, vibrant colors, with the mermaid gown and sheath gown styles at the top of the list.

Both body-hugging styles can offer a full-length splash of a sizzling color, with the mermaid gown adding extra pizzazz in a contrasting flare of skirt that kicks into existence at the knee. Short cocktail dresses can also rock the look, especially if they have modern cuts or features.

Skin tone. Vibrant colors look dazzling on a wide range of skin tones. These include lighter skin with or without freckles, medium tones with brown or auburn hair, super-pale skin and darker tones that make bright colors absolutely pop.

Accessories. Going all-out with a full palette of matching, bright colors on your accessories might be enough to make your date’s head spin. Instead opt for neutrals or a complimentary pastel shade that neither detracts nor tries to exactly match the main hue.

Another major caveat for wearing bright tones is to make sure nothing clashes. This goes for the colors of your clutch, shoes and gemstones as well as your hair. Bright red hair, for instance, may not look its best next to a bright orange dress, although it could look dazzling next to a jazzy emerald green.

Use these tips to make your own splash in a vibrant gown, but be prepared for plenty of compliments and attention!

Tips for Wearing a Mermaid Dress

Wearing a mermaid dress can be a thrill, but it can also be a challenge. The gown is so named because it resembles a mermaid, with a tight-fitting body and a poufy skirt that flares out from the knee. Use these tips to find a mermaid dress you love, and to make it work for you.

 Focus on Fit. Because mermaid gowns hug every curve and expose every possible bump, finding one that fits you smoothly is your top priority. The form-fitting sheath of the gown can easily create bumps that are not usually there if you pick a gown that is simply too tight. Seamless undergarments are another rule to further avoid bumps and lumps that can ruin your look.

 Kneeling and walking. Kneeling down in a mermaid gown can be a bit difficult, but you can master the art if you practice. Rather than kneeling in the typical fashion of putting one leg far in front of the other, try kneeling by keeping your legs as close together as possible and gently moving your body down toward the floor. Use a chair for support if necessary.

Walking in the gown can also take practice. Avoiding long strides is the key to successfully staying on your feet. Walk instead with short graceful steps that do not pull at the sides of the gown. Also pay attention to your poufy mermaid skirt to ensure it flows behind you or to the sides.

With plenty of practice and the proper choice of undergarments, these tips can help you wear a mermaid dress with confidence and spend your special evening in style.

Tips for Wearing Pastels at Your Formal Event

Short cocktail dress 2015

Cocktail dress 2015

Pastels usually give off a feminine and delicate vibe, and you can play up that feel by opting for a feminine and delicate dress. Ideal styles for pastels include the much beloved ball gown and its shorter cousin the ballerina gown, both of which feature a form-fitting bodice and a bell-shaped skirt.

The ball gown typically reaches to the floor while the ballerina gown is cut at the mid-calf. You can even go one shorter while keeping the feminine feel in a short cocktail dress that rocks the same silhouette.

 Skin tone. Pastels can add an air of angelic beauty, or they can totally wash you out. Much of the harmony depends on your skin tone, with rosy pink tones usually look best in pastels. From there, the pastel palette is wide open! Rosy tones look equally as smashing in a luxurious lavender as they do in a soft and cuddly pink, with light yellow and sky blue also on the list.

Accessories. Don’t disrupt the soft tone or delicate look of a pastel by weighing it down with clunky shoes and heavy jewelry. Opt instead for a light-colored or neutral delicate pair of heels and equally delicate jewelry. Either silver or gold can work, depending on the shade of pastel you choose.

Pick one pastel and stick with it, as mixing more than one can leave you looking like an Easter egg! Use these tips to instead stay soft, sweet and simply stunning.