Tips for Wearing a Mermaid Dress

Wearing a mermaid dress can be a thrill, but it can also be a challenge. The gown is so named because it resembles a mermaid, with a tight-fitting body and a poufy skirt that flares out from the knee. Use these tips to find a mermaid dress you love, and to make it work for you.

 Focus on Fit. Because mermaid gowns hug every curve and expose every possible bump, finding one that fits you smoothly is your top priority. The form-fitting sheath of the gown can easily create bumps that are not usually there if you pick a gown that is simply too tight. Seamless undergarments are another rule to further avoid bumps and lumps that can ruin your look.

 Kneeling and walking. Kneeling down in a mermaid gown can be a bit difficult, but you can master the art if you practice. Rather than kneeling in the typical fashion of putting one leg far in front of the other, try kneeling by keeping your legs as close together as possible and gently moving your body down toward the floor. Use a chair for support if necessary.

Walking in the gown can also take practice. Avoiding long strides is the key to successfully staying on your feet. Walk instead with short graceful steps that do not pull at the sides of the gown. Also pay attention to your poufy mermaid skirt to ensure it flows behind you or to the sides.

With plenty of practice and the proper choice of undergarments, these tips can help you wear a mermaid dress with confidence and spend your special evening in style.

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