Dos and Don’ts of This Season’s Sportswear Chic

Thanks in part to the recent Olympics, the sportswear as casual wear trend is hitting hard and strong for 2013. Just because the sporty look is casual doesn’t mean it has to be sloppy. Baggy sweatpants, drooping T-shirts and ill-fitting cropped tops are not the key to achieving sports chic.

Do: Be tailored

Swap the baggy sweatpants for alluring leggings, the droopy tee for a jazzy yoga tank and the ill-fitting cropped top for a well-fitting hoodie. You get the idea. You can be comfy and casual and still look good.

Don’t: Go glitzy

The sportswear look is meant to be casual, which means you can really muss it up with over-the-top accessories. Massive bling, high heels, loads of makeup or a super-dressy purse are prime ways to wreck the entire vibe of the outfit.

Do: Matching accessories

Opt instead for accessories that add to the overall sporty chic-ness, such as a small canvas cross-body bag or a nifty pair of wedge sneakers. You can also go for what calls the “dudette cap,” which is basically a sporty baseball cap that happens to go with your outfit. Real team logos are not necessary, although there is nothing wrong with donning a Yankees cap, for instance, if you happen to be wearing navy blue.

Don’t: Dress “as if”

Decking yourself out in a full-fledged surfer’s outfit for a night on the town is going to look, well, stupid. So is wearing a full-fledged soccer uniform as your daytime casual fashion. You do not want to appear as if you are actually on your way to participate in a sporting event when you’re really just heading out to dinner.

Do: Steal the details

Since you don’t have to be true to the actual sport outfit from which you’re stealing, you can instead focus on nabbing the coolest details. That means taking the neon vibe from the surfer’s gear, the stripes from the soccer goalie’s garb or the fab pants and shirts from the yogi. Feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content, pairing yoga pants with a striped, goalie-like shirt or a neon skort inspired by the beachiest surfers. You can apply these principles to any situation in your life as when going to the prom or homecoming parties.

Remember to keep your outfit easy, breezy and clean and you’ll be able to hit a home run with the sporty chic look just about every time. And no matter how cool a sports outfit looked before the gym, please don’t keep wearing it all day long after your workout is done.

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