Women Can Never Compromise on Clothes!

We girls can compromise over our diet but never on our clothes – and especially when they are for some occasion close to our heart like prom or a close friend’s wedding.  Keeping this idea in mind we come have up with 2 most favorite dresses from a well- known and affordable (emphasis on the latter) designer for our lovely ladies so they don’t have to go through the agony of looking at expensive luxury dresses only to end up knowing that wearing that dress will cost them an arm and a leg to the least.

The Philadelphia designer Clarisse has come up with an amazing line of gowns and cocktail dresses for the season; featuring haute couture as well as some really over the top prom dresses. This edition of Clarisse spring collection is different because it features dresses and gowns mostly so you can sit back and relax because now you can treat yourself with the ultimate designer wear without selling a kidney.

Clarisse Spring collection features a lot of floral dresses which in our opinion are congruent with today’s fashion trend; the wild forest flowers and lovely pink roses are a perfect match for a girl who loves looking girly and younger than her age on any event. The best part about all the floral dresses in this collection is the silhouette that they are designed in; sleek and sexy at the same time. Most dresses feature a fresh look,pastel-colored floral prints that are paired with light colored tops or waistlines.

Ball gown 3419

We particularly are swooning over the 3419 ivory/print as it features the off shoulder straps with a lace bodice and Cinderella-like flare for rest of the dress. The color of the bodice matches so perfectly with the rest of the scheme of the dress that this dress can easily qualify as the favorite dress for ladies who are soon to become the flower girls or bridesmaids at a wedding.

Porm dress Clarisse 3029

Then there is 3029 Navy/Print floral gown, in our experience, it’s the ultimate definition of how and what a prom dress should really be like. Strapless black floral dress with a sweat heart neckline fastened at the back with ties can easily steal all the attention in a party if it is styled with elegant lazy curled hair and antique accessories; for example metal bracelets and tassel earrings that are all the rage at the moment.

2018 Prom Dresses Trends and Beyond

If you are looking for your prom dress or need to make a statement look to go out and about the town? Then you need to have a look at the Clarisse’ Couture collection 2018 which wouldn’t let you down at any occasion. It includes everything from long and flowing gowns in figure-flattering silhouettes to figure-skimming mermaid dresses to mini-dresses. She has added all the up and coming trends of 2018 into her collection. Let’s have a look at the trends she has followed.


Since this year’s two-piece trend is and will be still going strong in 2018. Clarisse has incorporated many versatile two-piece dresses in her collection. She has added bold colors as well as look-at-me prints with embellished details and temperature raising silhouettes.

Clarisse prom dress 4808

Capes and Capelets

Capes and capelets are the latest trends that can add some vintage chic to our evening look in 2018. It makes you look stylish as well as appropriately dressed for any formal event. So be distinctive by supporting this trend and bedazzle everyone.

Clarisse dress 4906 2 pieces

Clarisse dress 4906 2 pieces

Black and White

Monochrome is the new sexy and what flatters your body better than a black and white dress? Absolutely nothing! Clarisse has added some signature black and white dresses to her collection which are to die for. So make a monochromatic statement on your next evening out with a bang.

Clarisse dress 4900 black and white

Soft Hues

If you are into the delicate shades of colors than soft hues are the perfect choice for you. You can choose your favorite Clarisse dress in these light tones such as bluish pinks, minty greens, pale yellows, and seafoam blues and other endless palette possibilities to stand out.

Peachy Pink Clarisse dress 4914

Clarisse dress 4914 in Peachy Pink

Champagne Hues

This classic palette has the capability to make you look beyond beautiful in any given season in every design possible. So if you are willing to take a step beyond the typical silver or golden, champagne is the right choice as it will make you look striking yet

Clarisse dress 3542F Champagneelegant.


Lace is the classic, everlasting flattering trend. It has a very subtle effect of covering up yet showing the skin. So ladies go ahead and turn some heads by wearing a lace dress and let’s not be afraid to choose your favorite colors.

Purple and Navy Clarisse dress 4801

With these awesome contour options and trends from Clarisse to choose from, you can get the look that you desire for prom and any other event that you need to make a statement at.

Eye-Catching and Jaw Dropping Prom Dresses From 2018 Collection


Are you a prom 2018 video blogger who is just about to attend her first award show? Or are you a beginner blogger who by luck has managed to bag a lunch with the city’s most prominent publisher’s party invite? Or are you just a mediocre woman who wants to spice her life and treat herself? In any case, Promgirl has got you covered with her wide range of affordable couture collection 2018.
Black/red dress 4808 is one dress from 2018 collection that we are specifically eyeing on this season.

Clarisse prom dress 4808

This dress is an epitome of elegance. Featuring the contemporary silhouette on the most classic color combination of black and white floral patterns, the black/red 4808 gown is fit for a woman who wants to be the life of the party as well as someone who wants to leave a mark in the minds of people when she leaves. The gown features a cutout back which makes it super sassy from behind, while on the front the dress features a boat neck making it modest and modern at the same time. If we talk about the flare of the dress, white/black gets 10/10 for the couture design it carries characterized by ruffles and layers which add up to the volume of the dress making it perfect for all red carpet appearances.
Having talked about the dress in detail we came up with a few styling tips that can really make this dress a show stopper at any event. Since the dress itself has a lot going on already we advise our dear ladies to style modestly. First thing’s first, your hairstyle. Try playing out with your hair before you finally decide to go out- try a ponytail if you have a small face as it makes your face look bigger, however, if you have a large oval face then we recommend bangs that hide your forehead with beach waves as one thing compensates for the other. For makeup, go subtle for day events while for night events you can easily play out the holographic or fresh eyes using Huda beauty desert dusk palate. For lips go subtle or bold that’s your personal preference but we advise going low on the darker shades and experimenting with light ombre lips because the dress already has a lot going on. Since the dress is from a couture collection you wouldn’t want your styling to overshadow it, so neither show the dress off.

Choose the Perfect Dress to Complement Your Style

Someone once said, ‘Style is one’s own unique interpretation of fashion’. You may not be born with it, but you gradually learn to develop it. Your style defines your personality and is instrumental in casting impressions. While choosing a dress to fit your style, it’s important to be absolutely clear about what you want. Also, one needs to remember that ‘style’ follows no set rules, it goes much beyond.

Choosing The Right Dress to Suit Your Style

When one talks about picking a dress according to one’s style, Jovani short dresses come in handy. The sophisticated world of the Jovani fashion house, offers elegant, contemporary and sensuous cocktail dresses to fit all kinds of styles and tastes. Here’s how you can choose the perfect dress that mirrors you in every way:

* Body-Type and Style Go Hand In Hand – Every good style of dressing is woven around individual body-types. Basically, your figure (hourglass, pear, slender, apple etc) will determine your style. For instance, if you are a pear shape, pick a wrap-dress or an A-line design from the chic Jovani collection of short dresses to boost your style quotient.

* If your style is subtle, you can opt for solid block of colors like black, navy or green with graceful cuts that flatter your figure. For those who follow a flirty bold style, one-shoulder dresses, lace and ruffle dresses, sequined and beaded dresses and the like can prove to be a chic option to explore. There are a number of dresses with stunning hemlines that are not only sexy but highlight the confident ‘diva’ in you. Jovani showcases all styles and every short dress makes a statement in more ways than one.

* Before you go shopping for that style-complementing dress, it will help to conceptualize the look that you want in your mind. A focused approach will always fetch better results. Design your look by thinking about how to put it all together in a way that best reflects your style. Famous styles have a lot of thought, inspiration, talent and dedication behind them. Therefore, every dress that’s chosen needs to be a labor of love

* Look out for features like pleats, necklines, collars, sleeves and other detailing that gives a particular dress its character. Pick the features that blend with your style and also serve to accentuate it further. Also, don’t let your style stagnate. Keep working on it and don’t be afraid of experimenting every now and then. With Jovani short dresses at your aid, your style will always have a fresh dimension.

* Many of the dazzling short dresses are available with sheer shrugs to enhance the overall effect of the dress. If your style borders on the conservative, this is a lovely option for you.

* Short dresses give fashionistas a bright chance to show off their legs and shoes to their best advantage too.

Style is the whole package deal. Once the dress is chosen, get the right accessories and shoes to make it more appealing. Step out in style and when people stare, make it worth their while!

Dos and Don’ts of This Season’s Sportswear Chic

Thanks in part to the recent Olympics, the sportswear as casual wear trend is hitting hard and strong for 2013. Just because the sporty look is casual doesn’t mean it has to be sloppy. Baggy sweatpants, drooping T-shirts and ill-fitting cropped tops are not the key to achieving sports chic.

Do: Be tailored

Swap the baggy sweatpants for alluring leggings, the droopy tee for a jazzy yoga tank and the ill-fitting cropped top for a well-fitting hoodie. You get the idea. You can be comfy and casual and still look good.

Don’t: Go glitzy

The sportswear look is meant to be casual, which means you can really muss it up with over-the-top accessories. Massive bling, high heels, loads of makeup or a super-dressy purse are prime ways to wreck the entire vibe of the outfit.

Do: Matching accessories

Opt instead for accessories that add to the overall sporty chic-ness, such as a small canvas cross-body bag or a nifty pair of wedge sneakers. You can also go for what Fashionising.com calls the “dudette cap,” which is basically a sporty baseball cap that happens to go with your outfit. Real team logos are not necessary, although there is nothing wrong with donning a Yankees cap, for instance, if you happen to be wearing navy blue.

Don’t: Dress “as if”

Decking yourself out in a full-fledged surfer’s outfit for a night on the town is going to look, well, stupid. So is wearing a full-fledged soccer uniform as your daytime casual fashion. You do not want to appear as if you are actually on your way to participate in a sporting event when you’re really just heading out to dinner.

Do: Steal the details

Since you don’t have to be true to the actual sport outfit from which you’re stealing, you can instead focus on nabbing the coolest details. That means taking the neon vibe from the surfer’s gear, the stripes from the soccer goalie’s garb or the fab pants and shirts from the yogi. Feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content, pairing yoga pants with a striped, goalie-like shirt or a neon skort inspired by the beachiest surfers. You can apply these principles to any situation in your life as when going to the prom or homecoming parties.

Remember to keep your outfit easy, breezy and clean and you’ll be able to hit a home run with the sporty chic look just about every time. And no matter how cool a sports outfit looked before the gym, please don’t keep wearing it all day long after your workout is done.

Cool Ways to Wear a Brooch

Brooches may have been hip in your grandmother’s time, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of style. These fabulous, striking pins can add a jazzy dash to just any outfit, whether you’re going formal or casual, and they can even work with a boyfriend sweater and your favorite jeans!

On buttons or closures. A brooch can make an eye-catching statement on a boyfriend sweater or your favorite cardigan if you put it where a top button would normally be. The jewelry also works where other closures normally sit, such as your jeans’ waistband, your dress’s back clasp or a shirt’s button on your wrist.


As a conglomeration. If your outfit lacks pizzazz, you can jazz it up instantly by wearing a cool collection of brooches! The only caveat is to make sure you situate them in an area that has ample room to show them off, such as the chest area right above your heart. Heck, if one brooch is good, just imagine how great a whole collection of them can be.

As a hairpiece. Instead of reaching for that ho-hum barrette, grab a bobby pin and a bit of wire to accessorize your hair with a brooch. A brooch can look especially fab with an up-sweep and instantly cool with a side part and fastened piece of hair. You can also clip a brooch on a fabric headband or ponytail holder for extra oomph.

As a hoker. Forget scouring the flea markets for a dazzling choker pendant. If you have a brooch, you may already have one. Fasten your brooch to a velvet ribbon that you connect under the pin around your neck. Voila! Instant chic.

Along a hemline. A cute short skirt or dress becomes a killer short skirt or dress if you add an amazing brooch along the hemline. Practice the placement to make sure you don’t put it where it may uncomfortably hit your leg, and sashay out the door with a creative twist!

One of the best ways to sizzle with a brooch is to wear it where it’s unexpected. Because many brooches are fabulously showy and bold, they can add a unique touch to even the blandest outfits or add one more layer of dazzle to an outfit that already rocks.


Tips for Wearing a Mermaid Dress

Wearing a mermaid dress can be a thrill, but it can also be a challenge. The gown is so named because it resembles a mermaid, with a tight-fitting body and a poufy skirt that flares out from the knee. Use these tips to find a mermaid dress you love, and to make it work for you.

 Focus on Fit. Because mermaid gowns hug every curve and expose every possible bump, finding one that fits you smoothly is your top priority. The form-fitting sheath of the gown can easily create bumps that are not usually there if you pick a gown that is simply too tight. Seamless undergarments are another rule to further avoid bumps and lumps that can ruin your look.

 Kneeling and walking. Kneeling down in a mermaid gown can be a bit difficult, but you can master the art if you practice. Rather than kneeling in the typical fashion of putting one leg far in front of the other, try kneeling by keeping your legs as close together as possible and gently moving your body down toward the floor. Use a chair for support if necessary.

Walking in the gown can also take practice. Avoiding long strides is the key to successfully staying on your feet. Walk instead with short graceful steps that do not pull at the sides of the gown. Also pay attention to your poufy mermaid skirt to ensure it flows behind you or to the sides.

With plenty of practice and the proper choice of undergarments, these tips can help you wear a mermaid dress with confidence and spend your special evening in style.