Women Can Never Compromise on Clothes!

We girls can compromise over our diet but never on our clothes – and especially when they are for some occasion close to our heart like prom or a close friend’s wedding.  Keeping this idea in mind we come have up with 2 most favorite dresses from a well- known and affordable (emphasis on the latter) designer for our lovely ladies so they don’t have to go through the agony of looking at expensive luxury dresses only to end up knowing that wearing that dress will cost them an arm and a leg to the least.

The Philadelphia designer Clarisse has come up with an amazing line of gowns and cocktail dresses for the season; featuring haute couture as well as some really over the top prom dresses. This edition of Clarisse spring collection is different because it features dresses and gowns mostly so you can sit back and relax because now you can treat yourself with the ultimate designer wear without selling a kidney.

Clarisse Spring collection features a lot of floral dresses which in our opinion are congruent with today’s fashion trend; the wild forest flowers and lovely pink roses are a perfect match for a girl who loves looking girly and younger than her age on any event. The best part about all the floral dresses in this collection is the silhouette that they are designed in; sleek and sexy at the same time. Most dresses feature a fresh look,pastel-colored floral prints that are paired with light colored tops or waistlines.

Ball gown 3419

We particularly are swooning over the 3419 ivory/print as it features the off shoulder straps with a lace bodice and Cinderella-like flare for rest of the dress. The color of the bodice matches so perfectly with the rest of the scheme of the dress that this dress can easily qualify as the favorite dress for ladies who are soon to become the flower girls or bridesmaids at a wedding.

Porm dress Clarisse 3029

Then there is 3029 Navy/Print floral gown, in our experience, it’s the ultimate definition of how and what a prom dress should really be like. Strapless black floral dress with a sweat heart neckline fastened at the back with ties can easily steal all the attention in a party if it is styled with elegant lazy curled hair and antique accessories; for example metal bracelets and tassel earrings that are all the rage at the moment.

Eye-Catching and Jaw Dropping Prom Dresses From 2018 Collection

Are you a prom 2018 video blogger who is just about to attend her first award show? Or are you a beginner blogger who by luck has managed to bag a lunch with the city’s most prominent publisher’s party invite? Or are you just a mediocre woman who wants to spice her life and treat herself? In any case, Promgirl has got you covered with her wide range of affordable couture collection 2018.
Black/red dress 4808 is one dress from 2018 collection that we are specifically eyeing on this season.

Clarisse prom dress 4808

This dress is an epitome of elegance. Featuring the contemporary silhouette on the most classic color combination of black and white floral patterns, the black/red 4808 gown is fit for a woman who wants to be the life of the party as well as someone who wants to leave a mark in the minds of people when she leaves. The gown features a cutout back which makes it super sassy from behind, while on the front the dress features a boat neck making it modest and modern at the same time. If we talk about the flare of the dress, white/black gets 10/10 for the couture design it carries characterized by ruffles and layers which add up to the volume of the dress making it perfect for all red carpet appearances.
Having talked about the dress in detail we came up with a few styling tips that can really make this dress a show stopper at any event. Since the dress itself has a lot going on already we advise our dear ladies to style modestly. First thing’s first, your hairstyle. Try playing out with your hair before you finally decide to go out- try a ponytail if you have a small face as it makes your face look bigger, however, if you have a large oval face then we recommend bangs that hide your forehead with beach waves as one thing compensates for the other. For makeup, go subtle for day events while for night events you can easily play out the holographic or fresh eyes using Huda beauty desert dusk palate. For lips go subtle or bold that’s your personal preference but we advise going low on the darker shades and experimenting with light ombre lips because the dress already has a lot going on. Since the dress is from a couture collection you wouldn’t want your styling to overshadow it, so neither show the dress off.