3 Different Looks That You Can Definitely Try at This Year’s Prom

You got to agree, nobody preps up for prom like girls. There is not a single face one can recognize on prom even though you have spent years studying next to them – from  hair to nice clean clothes, from couture dresses to ball gowns- it’s a whole new world out there on a prom’s night. Sparkling dresses and gleaming faces, tailored suits and happiness pursuits – Prom is definitely one of the most memorable nights in a high schooler’s life. And we realize the struggle that goes into making the night perfect, hence we thought of bringing our readers (who are about to experience the most magical night of their life) 3 prom night looks that they can totally slay, so without any further delay – let’s get the prepping started!

  1. The Ultimate Ball Queen

Before we dive into the details of this look, let us warn you this look is designed to bring out the inner princess that all of us have to ourselves, however the queen only comes to life when the inner princess fulfills the standards of sophistication and style as those possessed by a queen – i.e. through the adoption of the particular kind of body language, style, and the most amusing wit.

Clarisse prom dress style 3442 in powdr blue

Now for the part where we dress you up and doll you up so that you look like a real-life queen – all of our readers must have watched one if not hundreds of Disney movies where the prince and princess dance to the song they are singing, if you have ever noticed the dress your beloved princess is wearing – that dress is a ball dress. The one with flare and drapes, bows and embellishments, nice tailoring and now even with pockets – that is the kind of dress you will wear to your prom. Look below for further reference:

Styling a ball gown seems very easy on the surface but beneath it lies an iceberg, away from the eyes of the onlookers. Get a nice clutch with jewels and embellishment as a starter, then head on to the hair accessory. Since it’s a ball but on a prom’s night, you can go for half tail braid and style it with little flowers if you don’t want your demeanor to look too girly and straight out of Disney movie you can opt for gold hairpins that you can secure your hair up-do with. With hair, up-do opts for tiny earrings, while the half braided hair can adjust long minimalist or moderate length fancy chandelier earrings.

  1. The Great Gatsby Lady

If you are someone who loves Gatsby the movie and has been waiting to dress up in rose golds and dusty gold just like those ladies in the movie ; with nicely embellished luxuriant headbands, expensive looking cigarettes and sequence dress then this is the time for  you to avail this opportunity and fulfill your dream old sport! Take some inspiration from Daisy Buchanan and get a dress made in body fit silhouette – or may give it a little twist of contemporary fashion and add the mermaid cut to your gown. Here’s a reference style:

Clarisse dress style 4932 in Wine

Since you are going all bling this evening no need to add extra jewels, just a fine pair of earrings would suffice. Pair a nice pair of stilettos underneath and you are good to go. Hey, never mentioned the hair – well, we suggest you go for slight curls on the edges and a half up-do to don the classic look. However, it’s totally up to you how you style your hair. Just remember comfort is the key to winning at prom!


  1. The Ethnic Diva

Some of us take great pride in our ethnicity and culture, and like showing it off proudly on every chance we get – so here is the look that anyone who is obsessed with their cultural heritage, as a matter of fact any culture or ethnicity because of the original work and finesse that goes into making a gown. This two-piece black body fit dress is an ideal attire for a girl who knows how to flaunt her curves and carry herself while showing off something that is really important to her: the elegance and homely feeling of a locally produced dress. No need to pair your outfit with jewelry or any other fancy accessory because it is already laden with so much work – and you sure as anything doesn’t want to overshadow it. Go for a simple hairdo, actually, an up-do and you are good to go.

Prom dress Clarisse 4920

Now, you must have noticed how we never mentioned about makeup – because we want to keep the options open for you. These days we are seeing the no make-up make up look to be the ultimate go to look for most events – hence we would suggest a little sparkle for those who like it that way and for others it’s obvious no make-up make up look.